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2019’s Most Important Travel Accessories (and Why)

January 13, 2019

2019's Most Important Travel Accessories

Most Important Travel Accessories, the travel booking website, predicts that 2019 will be the year when we push the extreme limits of where travel will take us. Outer space? Four out of ten travelers are looking forward to it.

But for now, let’s just consider a flight to another continent.

A 22-hour flight from the East Coast to Sydney? An 11-hour flight from the West Coast to Paris? How about a 16-hour flight from the Midwest (St. Louis, perhaps) to Tokyo?

How do you fly for that long without feeling like you’ve landed on Mars when you walk off the plane? You pick the right travel accessories, the ones that you know will keep you comfortable! Here are the qualities you should look for in choosing the very best:

  1. You’ll want something designed to support your body while on a plane (or a train or bus, for that matter), giving you comfortable padding against hard surfaces.
  2. You will need something to keep you warm.
  3. You’ll want something to help you sleep (that’s the only way you can endure 10 or more hours sitting in a small seat).

Consider this :

  1. The Travel Wrap. It’s a light shawl or blanket that protects your body from the chilly air and, drapes you stylishly. HappyLuxe’s Wayfarer Travel Wrap comes in eight colors and is made of super soft Micro Modal. It not only keeps you warm on the flight, but it’s also perfect for a stroll around town and out for a stylish dinner event.
  2. The Travel Pillow. This is a more flexible version of the bed pillow. It’s something you can tuck or crunch into a corner or small space anywhere, giving your head the comfort it will need on a long journey. HappyLuxe’s Odyssey Travel Pillow is also made of super-soft MicroModal, which can cushion your face or your back. It can serve as a flight pillow, a camping pillow, a car pillow or a neck pillow, and it compresses into any piece of luggage or carry-on bag.
  3. The Sleep Mask. Blocking the light out is essential to deep sleep. On a flight, there will always be flickers of light, whether from your fellow passenger’s TV screen or iPad or those little lights on the edge of the aisle. HappyLuxes’s Escape Sleep Mask is made of soft and breathable Micro Modal fabric. That stretches, meaning it will comfortably fit most heads, small or large. And its special foam padding over the eyes will keep even the smallest rays of light from interrupting your sleep.


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