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5 Ways A Travel Wrap Can Save Your Holidays

December 26, 2018

5 Ways A Travel Wrap Can Save Your Holidays

We know you’ve been online for hours looking for the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones. Now, maybe it’s time to show yourself a little love. In many ways, that’s an easier gift to give. After all, you know what you need and want. And you know what colors you love.

So what is that gift?

It’s a wrap! And no, we’re not referring to the end of a film shoot in Hollywood. We’re talking about a HappyLuxe Wayfarer Travel Wrap, which is stylish enough to wear over one’s shoulders on a chilly walk down a red carpet.

This wrap is made from luxurious MicroModal, which is twice as soft as cotton, breathable and harvested sustainably from beech trees.

While many purchase this luxury wrap to keep comfy on a long airplane trip (it’s viewed as one of the best travel accessories for women), there are so many other ways it can be used.

A Travel Wrap can be the best decision you make, and here is why.

Think of it as the gift that keeps on giving:



The family insists on walking around the neighborhood to look at holiday decorations: How can you say no to that? But if the neighborhood isn’t in Florida or sunny Southern California, how are you going to be able to take that walk without suffering a little frostbite? The answer is to drape your head and body with the Travel Wrap! Wrapped in that stylish MicroModal fabric, you’ll look like you’re walking a runway rather than the sidewalk.



You’re flying over the holidays, and the airplane feels like a meat-freezer: Yes, you can ask the flight agent to crank the heat up. Odds are you’ll get a smile and a polite nod and continue shivering to your destination. This is a problem you can solve yourself. Just pull that Travel Wrap out of your bag and snuggle up.  wrap yourself softly. And try to ignore the jealous stares of your shivering fellow passengers.



You’re on your way to dinner, and you need something to keep you warm outside. But then you need to look stylish when you arrive. Use the Travel Wrap as a wrap outdoors and then as shawl inside. The wrap is 68" by 35", which means you can wrap your entire body when you’re outside and keep the cold at bay. But it’s not heavy, and with its light fabric, it can be easily tossed over your shoulders like a shawl when you step inside to greet your hosts.



You’re at home, watching “Love Actually,” that Christmas-themed romantic comedy film, for the umpteenth time. And there is nothing better than cuddling up on the couch or in your favorite chair. Our Travel Wrap is the perfect way to stay warm and cozy. Don’t forget the popcorn!



You appreciate minimalism in art, design, and fashion. Consider it when you pack to travel. A heavy jacket or coat will keep you warm when you land. But do you really want to try to crunch it into a suitcase or endure the hassle of climbing in and out of it after you land? Our Travel Wrap is so light that it, can be wrapped as a scarf or folded and put inside your bag.


Off to the theater? You can pull the very light and compact HappyLuxe Travel Wrap out of your purse and drape yourself through the two-plus hour movie. This comfortable travel accessory will make you feel as though you’re flying first class. Then, just drape the wrap over your shoulders as you exit the theatre. You will look stylish and comfortable as you step out onto the sidewalk.

A Travel Wrap is a gift that keeps on giving, a gift you deserve. What could be better than that?

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