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7 Reasons To Take A Sleep Mask With You On Your Next Trip

January 11, 2019

7 Reasons To Take A Sleep Mask With You On Your Next Trip

Take A Sleep Mask With You On Your Next Trip:

Another bra? Another dress? Another pair of shoes? Forget all that. How about a sleeping mask? It tucks easily into your onboard bag, and it can make a real difference in the comfort of your flight, leaving you smiling as you step off the plane.

Well, consider this:

  1. Let’s begin with your flight. How else are you going to comfortably block the light from the TV screen on your neighbor’s seatback? You don’t want to have those crazy scenes from the latest Marvel Avengers movie flashing next to you while you try to sleep, do you?
  2. Blocking light from your flight is one thing, but changing time-zones has a dramatic effect on your body. By the time you arrive, at your destination and you dozing off unexpectedly during the day. To counter this, you should be taking power naps, which likely means you’ll be wide awake during the night. A Sleep Mask can dramatically assist you with this until your body re-adjusts its sleeping pattern to accommodate the time change.
  3. With the right Sleep Mask, you can fall asleep confidently, knowing it will let you wake up with your makeup looking as fresh as your body will feel even after 30 minutes of sleep.
  4. Scientifically, by blocking even the tiniest rays of light from your eyes, your body will release enough melatonin, the hormone that regulates wakefulness. You’ll experience deeper sleep to help you reach your minimum of 7 hours a day. By getting enough sleep every day helps to reduce your long term risk of breast cancer.
  5. Not all sleeping masks are the same. We recommend a Sleep Mask with an incredibly soft fabric so that the skin on your face will feel as smooth as a baby’s when you wake up. No strange creases or rough spots.
  6. The Sleep Mask can also reduce the evaporation of fluid from your eyes. So when the air on the plane gets dry, you won’t be tempted to rub them and make them red.
  7. If you’ve decided to stay awake, consider letting a friend flying with you to use your Sleep Mask. Helping others is always a great way to make ourselves happier. (And you might just enjoy the flight better if your travel mate  is sleeping instead of talking.)

At HappyLuxe, we’ve taken all of these elements into consideration in designing the HappyLuxe Escape Sleep Mask. For one thing, it’s incredibly comfortable. That’s because it’s made of a soft MicroModal fabric that is twice as comfortable as conventional cotton and very light and breathable. It also stretches easily, so it will comfortably fit across your face.

But perhaps most importantly, it will block out all the light. That’s because of the thick foam padding that will cushion your eyes from the tiniest glimmers in the world around you. Consider it a pillow under which your eyes will sleep.

It’s not just for airline travel. There are those days at home when you’ll want to take a nap, despite the sun shining through your blinds, the Escape Sleep Mask can help you escape that light. And then there are those long drives where you get to be the passenger and sink comfortably into your seat drifting off into a cozy sleep until you’ve arrived.

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