Manhattan Beach, CA: Tips from a Local

Manhattan Beach, CA: Tips from a Local - HappyLuxe

HappyLuxe is happily located in Manhattan Beach, CA. Naturally, we thought it appropriate to make our first blog post about this increasingly popular tourist destination.

Manhattan Beach is one of the three beach cities that make up the South Bay, along with Hermosa and Redondo Beach.  It is very close to the airport, downtown Los Angeles, and an hour from Disneyland, yet it has all the charm of a quaint beach town far from any urban area.

Sometimes called “Heaven in flip-flops,” this is a great place to live and visit.
Planning a trip to Southern California?  Manhattan Beach is fun, funky, beautiful, and convenient. 

Here are some of our suggestions:

1. Eat seafood: There are so many great restaurants, some with world-class chefs and some that are little holes in the walls. Manhattan Beach Post, with Chef David LeFevre, gets a lot of well-deserved attention, along with his other restaurant, Fishing With Dynamite.  Tip: Make reservations.

2. Have a true beach experience: Rent bikes for cruising along the Strand, a surfboard if you are adventurous, or a stand-up paddleboard – which is super fun and surprisingly easy. 



3. Eat brunch: at the Ocean View Café, and then walk down to the beach or jump back on your bikes.

4. Enjoy cocktail while you watch the sunset: Plenty of options – from the fun local spot, Shellback Tavern, to the more upscale Strand House. (Tip: If it is a cool evening, just wrap up in our Wayfarer Wrap and slip an air-activated warmer in the hidden pocket.)
5. Treat yourself to a spa & shopping day: The Elegance Beach Spa is a favorite with locals and visitors. Located in a restored beach cottage with a private garden, it is, in other words, paradise. Then check out all the boutiques and beach shops on Manhattan and Highland Avenues. You can find anything your heart desires – including homemade ice cream at the Manhattan Beach Creamery.


But don’t take our word for it…. Beautiful Manhattan Beach is calling your name!


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