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Gifts for Holiday Guests? Consider These Travel Accessories

December 21, 2018

Christmas and New Year’s Eve rank high in USA Today’s list of the busiest travel days of the year. Most of us have experienced those long lines during the holidays to pass through a security check. Then there’s that long wait to board the plane, which is when you finally push your way through the narrow aisle with your luggage in tow until you can collapse in that cramped little seat. Unless, of course, you’ve been able to book something in first class.


It’s the price many of our friends and relatives pay to deliver the ultimate holiday gift – themselves – to our homes for the holidays.


Those of us who are holiday hosts cherish the arrival of those people at our doorsteps and at our holiday dinner tables. Typically we send them home with a carefully chosen gift that reflects our love for them. But often that gift means they’ll have to pay an additional baggage check charge or struggle to tuck it in the overhead storage compartment.


So what about giving a gift that doesn’t need to be checked, a gift that combines style with a significant degree of travel comfort? That’s what HappyLuxe – whose slogan is “Travel in comfort. Arrive in style” – has to offer.


There are the Wayfarer Travel Wraps, stylish, versatile shawls or travel scarfs that can be worn alone or elegantly layered with any outfit. In other words, you won’t need to pack the travel wrap away when you leave the plane – you can wear it! The travel wraps include an air-activated neck warmer.


Then there are the Escape Sleep Masks. The soft expansive masks block the light from the in-flight screen above you and your neighboring traveler’s mobile phone or iPad, allowing you to lose yourself in sleep.


As for the Odyssey Travel Pillow, “You’ll be so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re sleeping on a plane (though it still can’t protect you from an overly chatty seatmate),” says HappyLuxe. The Escape Sleep Mask, however, is likely to inhibit the unwanted conversation. It’s a pillow that you can compress to fit into any carry-on, backpack or suitcase. HappyLuxe also offers pillows specially designed for children.


The perfect gift is the Paris Luxury Travel Set, which packages them all together. Sending your holiday guest home wrapped in comfort with the best luxury travel accessories ensures that their visit will be memorable.