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Valentine’s Day Gifts from HappyLuxe

February 09, 2017

Valentine’s Day Gifts from HappyLuxe

Valentine’s Day Gifts from HappyLuxe

Planning a romantic getaway or a staycation for you and your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? With a little thoughtful planning, you can make this a special day, no matter your budget.

 We checked in with a few of our HappyLuxers to get some ideas and offer our suggestions. Since we are located in Southern California, many of the suggestions are as well, although they can be adapted to any area.

Happyluxe Valentines Day

Ski Trip!

Southern California has been enjoying tons of snow, and our area ski resorts have their best powder in years. So many people we know are heading out to Mammoth to enjoy really amazing skiing and the stunning scenery.

HappyLuxe Tip: Pack our Wayfarer Wrap  with the built in warmer and keep your neck warm on those long chair rides up the mountain.

 Ocean Getaway

No matter the temperature, a couple days at the beach are always romantic. One of our favorite couples visits Laguna Beach each February right around Valentine’s Day. Walks on the beach, candlelight dining, and listening to the waves all night is their idea of quality together time.

HappyLuxe Tip: Even on warm days, the evenings can be cool. Our Wayfarer Wrap has a built in neck warmer is the perfect accessory for those that run on the “cool side.”

 Urban Oasis

One of our customers shared this great idea with us a while ago – and we think it is a winner! They watch for online discount codes on sites like Groupon and book a fancy Los Angeles hotel for the weekend. Even though they live less than 20 miles from the city, they enjoy being able to walk to art and cultural events, enjoy dining at some of the great new restaurants, and living the city life when downtown is not so crowded and hotel rates are cheaper. We think this is a great idea for any nearby city.


Happyluxe Valentines Day

 Staycation Spa

No time to slip away? One resourceful couple we know creates a spa weekend at home. They lock the doors, pick up some scented candles and massage oils, create a soothing and romantic playlist, give each other massages, and then order take out. Sounds perfect!

 HappyLuxe Tip: Our Paris Travel Set will bring some luxurious comfort to any home spa. The Escape Sleep Mask, Odyssey Travel Pillow, and Wayfarer Wrap, all made from MicroModal, and super soft and ultra comfortable, and capable of transforming a yoga mat into a luxurious spa.

 We hope these suggestions have inspired you to set aside some special time with your loved one. And remember – with HappyLuxe, all your journeys can be taken in stylish, luxurious comfort.