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How Luxury Travel Is Changing in 2019

December 30, 2018

How Luxury Travel Is Changing in 2019

Travel Items and Experiences Define Luxury Travel in 2019

Your friends are touring the world, why aren't you?

Finding a moment to slow down, decompress, and enjoy a vivid experience somewhere far away - isn't this a luxury you need?

Of course, it is, and these days there are different ways to think of luxury. It’s less about spending money on a trip and more about the unique experience of it. We decided to take a look at travel trends through 2018 to give us an idea of what we ought to be thinking about for 2019.

When we looked into Google Trends for “luxury travel,” we noticed that the overall interest in that term has been on a decline:

Trend 1:

Searches for “luxury travel”

Luxury Travel Trend 2019

However “travel experiences” is a term that’s been on the rise since 2012. This Google Trend result confirms that we are more often looking for new things to experience when traveling:

Trend 2:

Searches for “travel experience”

Travel Experiences Trend 2019So why is the experience of travel trending upward while the conventional idea of luxury travel is on the decline? Perhaps it’s because we are taking fewer vacations, which means we want to make each of them very memorable:

Trend 3:

Searches for "vacations"

Vacation Trends 2019One trend that is on the rise is the “Bed and Breakfast” experience. That’s likely because of B and B’s promise a uniquely personal experience that cannot be found in a stay-at-a-large hotel.


Trend 4:

Searches for "Bed and Breakfast"

Bed and Breakfast Boutique Hotels Trend 2019

Our Staff’s Top Luxury Travel Tips and Recommendations

We decided to conduct a personal survey, asking our staff what adds luxury to their travels, and what their destination recommendation would be for 2019. Here’s what they said:

For Kurt, HappyLuxe’s CEO, luxury travel is travel with family. And ideally, it would be travel to Paris, France

Christine, HappyLuxe’s VP of Product Development & Marketing, says that for her luxury travel means “Stay with the locals. Ever since BnB became a trend, it has redefined luxury travel for me. It opened the doors for richer experiences and to explore destinations authentically. We love shopping in the local markets and preparing our food rather than eating out every single meal. It’s fun, and it gets us talking to the locals about their favorite dishes and how to cook them.”

Christine’s ideal luxury destination would be Italy because of its culture, breathtaking architecture and beautiful countrysides with so much to see and do.

Daniel, who handles HappyLuxe’s digital marketing, recommends that you “go on a journey on your own, at least once. You'll have more freedom to explore, meet the locals, enjoy peace of mind and time with yourself.”

His luxury destination of choice in Dubai. “The skyline will take your breath away. If you're looking to pamper yourself, this is the destination for you.”

Daniel also says that for him and his friends, the best travel accessories mean the best travel experience. Their simplicity and comfort are key to traveling luxuriously. We’ve designed our products to make that possible. They can all be found in our travel accessories store online.



Must-Have Luxury Travel Accessories

For example, there is our luxury Travel Wrap. This versatile travel accessory will keep you warm like a blanket on a flight and serve as your scarf on the streets of Paris. It also can be a luxurious shawl to complement your dinner outfit. It’s available in black, grey, dark blue, light blue, pink and sage green.

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Then there’s our luxury Travel Pillows, a must for flying. No one knows traveling like a pilot does, which is why Leah Murakami, a pilot, designs our travel accessories. Her experience with airline travel pillows led her to create the perfect travel pillow for travelers. It’s available in black, grey, dark blue, light blue, pink and sage green.

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There’s also our luxury Sleeping Mask. We’ve never liked commercial airline sleeping masks because they are too tight or too loose. You'll never fall asleep because you keep adjusting them.

HappyLuxe Sleeping Masks are incredibly soft and light -- you'll forget you're wearing one. Not only are they comfortable, but you can also feel content that you’ll reduce waste by wearing them. Our travel sleeping masks are washable and made of sustainable advanced fabric.

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