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How To Travel Efficiently in 2019

February 11, 2019

How To Travel Efficiently in 2019

Modern mobility means you can move from Los Angeles to New York City – a trip of 2,800 miles – in fewer than six hours. That’s a journey which would take you almost three days by bus and almost two days in a car virtually non-stop.

But even the fastest and most modern forms of mobility make you immobile for a while. You’re sitting in a tight airplane seat, with the security belt fastened around your waist. That’s not only uncomfortable, but such immobility could pose a risk to your health. The biggest risk is deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which is caused by a blood clot forming in the main artery of one of your legs. A large clot could travel through your veins and to your heart, causing a heart attack.  

Then there’s just that inability to sleep. No matter if the overhead lights have been dimmed, your eyes will still catch the rays from the screens on the back of other passengers’ seats, from your seat mate’s mobile phone, from the alert light signaling that the passenger two rows up has a question for the flight attendant. Unless you’re flying first class, the size of the seat likely will make you uncomfortable after a while. How will you rest your head? How will you blanket yourself to stay warm?

There are solutions!

You can (and should) do some walking on a long flight. When you’ve been in the air for an hour, step into the aisle and walk slowly toward the front or the rear of the plane. Once you’re out of the way of your fellow passengers, stretch toward the ceiling, exercising your calf and thigh muscles. Do that three or four times, and you will reduce the chance of a blood clot forming in your veins.

Then put your hands on your waist and turn your upper body from side to side while keeping your lower body from moving. That will enable you to stretch the muscles of your upper body, relieving them of the stress that comes from being stuck in a tight seat. Another ideal move, although perhaps impractical on many planes, is to bend down and touch your toes (or at least try to).  When sitting in your seat, you should also flex your feet a good ten or more times to help the blood circulate through your veins a little easier.

When all that is done, walk slowly back to your seat and relax. We suggest doing this a few times, especially on those long overseas flights.

You will feel more comfortable when you sit down. However, staying comfortable in your seat isn’t something you can do by yourself. That’s where travel accessories come into play.

The HappyLuxe Odyssey sleeping pillow is essential to your head and upper body comfort. It’s made of a MicroModal fabric that is softer than cotton and easily compresses. Which means you can squeeze it into pretty much any place where your body feels discomfort – behind your lower back, against your side, under your neck.

You’ll also need a Travel Wrap to keep yourself warm when the plane gets chilly. HappyLuxe makes the perfect wrap, also from a MicroModal fiber, which is incredibly light but warms you as if you were covered by a quilt. This Wayfarer Travel Wrap is another essential travel accessory that is easy to pack into your onboard luggage.

But the Pillow and Wrap aren’t enough to let you sleep. Remember the light we mentioned above? HappyLuxe’s Escape Sleeping Mask is the solution. It is wide and stretchable and made of a very soft fabric that will block all light from your eyes. Imagine crawling into bed and turning off the lights. Essentially that is what the Sleeping Mask will do for you.