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Making Our List & Checking it Twice

November 19, 2016

Making Our List & Checking it Twice

Somehow it is the time of year when you start making your holiday gift list.  

This year we have vowed to not add to the clutter and to give only practical, useful gifts that enhance our lives, not mess it up.  Grandpa does not need another paperweight, sister does not need another umbrella, and junior does not need another remote control car that will break by the end of the day.

What we all need are more experiences that fill us with joy, love, and an appreciation of the amazing world we live in. And we need all our journeys, both near and far, to be made in comfort.

With that in mind, here are some suggestions for practical, luxurious gifts from HappyLuxe:


 For the frequent flyers on your list:

Paris Luxury Travel Set

HappyLuxe offers three different Luxurious Travel Sets, guaranteed to get your loved ones to their destination rested and in style.


For anyone that needs a good night sleep:

Escape Luxury Sleep Mask

Our best selling Escape Eye Mask is lightweight and lightproof— and it comes in great colors and prints.


For the person that is always cold:

Wayfarer Wrap with Neck Warmer

The elegant and lightweight Wayfarer Wrap is super warm, never wrinkles, and it comes in great colors and prints. 


For the question marks on your list? 

Give the gift of a comfortable choice with a HappyLuxe Holiday Gift Card.


All HappyLuxe travel accessories are made from sustainable MicroModal, which does not wrinkle, is lightweight, and super-soft.

All products proudly made in the USA.