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Tips from a Frequent Business Traveler

July 15, 2016

Tips from a Frequent Business Traveler

That HappyLuxe products are popular with frequent flyers should come as no surprise, given that a pilot, Leah Murakami, created them. (Our Story)  Prior to licensing her designs to HappyLuxe, she sold them to her own customers and peers.

 We caught up with one of her long-term customers to find out why he never leaves for the airport without his HappyLuxe travel accessories, and get some of his tips for managing his constant travels.

 HappyLuxe: First off, Gerald, how often are you on the road or in the air?

 Gerald: My company requires me to travel about 50% of the year. We have partners, vendors, and customers all over the world, so in the course of a year, I typically visit between 15 to 25 countries.  I go to China regularly, and also Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, India, and most of the European countries.

 HL: That is a lot of time in away from home, in airplanes and hotels.

 G: It is – that is why I have a system!

 HL: Will you break it down for us?

 G: Of course.  My goal is always to arrive at each destination ready to work, so being comfortable and sleeping on the plane is vital.  I also only bring what is absolutely necessary. Here is what I do:

  1. I travel in my work out clothes. They are comfortable on the plane and then I have them for exercising at my hotel. I like the athleisure men’s line by Lululemon.
  2. I carry on my HappyLuxe Vogager Luxury Travel Set, the Escape Sleeping Mask and the Wayfarer Wrap, which I use as a blanket. The neck pillow and the eye mask are a must because I can sleep in a comfortable position and no one talks to a person wearing an eye mask.
  3. Another tip is that I never check a bag because I do not have time to deal with lost luggage. I carry on my garment bag with my suit, shirts and what I need for meetings and put it in the overhead.
  4. I have learned to keep my valuables close, which is why I keep my credit cards, passport and phone (when I am not using it) in the Excursion Money Belt. I have one in light grey so that I can wear it under my white shirts, but all my other HappyLuxe products are black.
  5. I stay in the best hotels available, but I still like having my own pillow. My neck pillow converts to an oversized travel pillow, which is perfect for hotels, along with my blanket/wrap, which also come in handy.

“I have traveled with Leah’s products for years because they help me travel the way l like to:  in comfort, with as little baggage as possible, while keeping my valuables safe.  Then, when I get home, I can throw everything in the washer and get ready for my next trip!”


Thanks to Gerald for these great tips! For more travel tips and tricks, including how to travel better with kids, stick around on the Happy Luxe Blog.