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Tips from a Frequent Business Traveler

July 15, 2016

Tips from a Frequent Business Traveler

Business Traveler?

That HappyLuxe products are popular with frequent flyers should come as no surprise, given that a pilot, Leah Murakami, created them. (Our Story)  Prior to licensing her designs to HappyLuxe, she sold them to her own customers and peers.

 We caught up with one of her long-term customers to find out why he never leaves for the airport without his HappyLuxe travel accessories, and get some of his tips for managing his constant travels.

 HappyLuxe: First off, Gerald, how often are you on the road or in the air?

 Gerald: My company requires me to travel about 50% of the year. We have partners, vendors, and customers all over the world, so in the course of a year, I typically visit between 15 to 25 countries.  I go to China regularly, and also Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, India, and most of the European countries.

 HL: That is a lot of time in away from home, in airplanes and hotels.

 G: It is – that is why I have a system!

 HL: Will you break it down for us?

 G: Of course.  My goal is always to arrive at each destination ready to work, so being comfortable and sleeping on the plane is vital.  I also only bring what is absolutely necessary. Here is what I do:

  1. I travel in my work out clothes. They are comfortable on the plane and then I have them for exercising at my hotel. I like the athleisure men’s line by Lululemon.
  2. I carry on my HappyLuxe, the Escape Sleeping Mask and the Wayfarer Wrap, which I use as a blanket, and The Odyssey Travel Pillow. The  pillow and the eye mask are a must because I can sleep in a comfortable position and no one talks to a person wearing an eye mask.
  3. Another tip is that I never check a bag because I do not have time to deal with lost luggage. I carry on my garment bag with my suit, shirts and what I need for meetings and put it in the overhead.
  4. I have learned to keep my valuables close, which is why I keep my credit cards, passport and phone (when I am not using it) in my Money Belt. I have one in light grey so that I can wear it under my white shirts, but all my other HappyLuxe products are black.
  5. I stay in the best hotels available, but I still like having my own pillow, which is perfect for hotels, along with my blanket/wrap, which also come in handy.

“I have traveled with Leah’s products for years because they help me travel the way l like to:  in comfort, with as little baggage as possible, while keeping my valuables safe.  Then, when I get home, I can throw everything in the washer and get ready for my next trip!”


Thanks to Gerald for these great tips!