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Happyluxe Travel Gear

The Happyluxe Travel Comfort Accessories are fashionable and versatile. Our wrap and travel blanket also can be used as a scarf, cover-up, pashmina, and so much more. Our multifunctional wrap blanket has you covered in any cool setting, whether you are enjoying an outdoor event on a brisk evening, spending some time out on the town on a chilly night with friends or family, or traveling in a cool car, boat, or airplane.

.We have specially crafted our Comfort Accessories from luxurious eco-friendly Tencel™ fibers, a plant-based textile and cellulose fiber that is made from sustainably harvested beech trees, is absorbent and breathable, and is resistant to fading, pilling, and wear.

This amazing fabric is machine washable, does not shrink or pull out of shape, and is lightweight, smooth, and soft. Plus, choose from a variety of colors from each of our stylish accessories. At Happyluxe, our objective is to make every journey a pleasure, whether far or near.