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Happyluxe Travel Accessories

Comfort is the ultimate luxury and these eco friendly multi-functional travel essentials are sure to deliver you to your destination rested and relaxed. Your Odyssey Travel Pillow will gently cushion your head as the Escape Sleeping Mask blocks out the light and other distractions, while the Wayfarer Wrap keeps you comfy and cozy. Unwind and enjoy the journey with this luxurious travel set.

We have specially crafted our Comfort Accessories from luxurious eco-friendly Tencel™ fibers, a plant-based textile and cellulose fiber that is made from sustainably harvested beech trees, is absorbent and breathable, and is resistant to fading, pilling, and wear.

This amazing fabric is machine washable, does not shrink or pull out of shape, and is lightweight, smooth, and soft. Plus, choose from a variety of colors from each of our stylish accessories. At Happyluxe, our objective is to make every journey a pleasure, whether far or near.