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Travel Comfort - Our Story

Designer Leah Murakami serves as a pilot for a major airline,  and previously with the Air National Guard. In fact, she was one of the first combat ready female fighters pilots in the U.S. Much of her life was spent in the air and on the road where sleep and comfort were in short supply. Murakami yearned for a neck pillow that would provide enough support and comfort to sleep restfully, especially while in an upright position. The inspiration came while she was flying both commercial aircraft and F-16s.

HappyLuxe Leah Murakami

“I needed a great pillow. After searching long and hard, I realized that if I wanted the perfect travel pillow, I would have to design it myself.”

And she did. And then she created a number of other products that solved common issues associated with traveling. It was important to Murakami that these products were practical, luxurious, multi-functional, sustainable, and made in the USA. She designed them to improve people’s lives by bringing comfort to the customer while limiting the environmental impact.

Kurt Wolfgang, a lifelong friend of Leah Murakami, has licensed her designs and customized them to bring to market under the HappyLuxe brand. Kurt believes that all types of travelers will appreciate the practical luxury of these innovative accessories.

We make all our products right here in Los Angeles, California, USA