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Happyluxe Sleep Mask

Our Escape Sleep Mask is a stylish yet highly functional accessory that everyone should own. This soft mask is not only great for use while on a plane, and at home, but it is also perfect for on-the-go. When you have been traveling a long time and need to catch some shut eye, this eye cover is a necessity that will come in handy. This super soft mask is made with fabric from Tencel fibers that are harvested from beech trees and is twice as soft as cotton and is Vegan. Our fabric is very breathable and can be machine washed to return to a good as new state.

Our travel Escape Eye Cover comes in one size that should fit any head size comfortably and securely. This cover is a perfect accessory for both men and women, adults and teens. The thick padding layered into this sleep mask is sure to keep out all the light out when you are trying to fall asleep. With the use of this mask, you can get some deep sleep and relaxation without the interruption of light. After a snooze with our light cover for your eyes you will feel refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated, and ready for wherever life takes you next!

Give our facial light blocking mask a try; you will not be disappointed. Travel in comfort and arrive refreshed and ready to go.